Kampai Sushi’s expertise goes beyond making delicious Japanese food!  Sam has taken his cooking skills to the next level with his fabulous ‘Edible Art’, transforming food into magazine worthy pictures.
The latest in ‘foodies’ favorites are Asian Fusion Rolls, and Specialty Gourmet Fusion Rolls. These hand made rolls often are made with cooked ingredients, such as chicken or deep friend tempura wrapped with avocado, cream cheese, and other tempting flavors.

Raw fish is also a common ingredient in Gourmet Hand Rolls.  The house favorites are many.  For those who want a spicy meal, the Monkey Roll is their choice.  The Death Roll is often ordered and you can’t get enough of Sam’s Signature Special Fusion Rolls!
Sam takes pride in every food creation he makes and his trained Sous chef’s have learned to follow his tradition in food excellence.  We invite you to browse through our gallery below for a sampling of some of the local favorites ordered at Kampai Sushi.