Kampai Sushi

Sam’ Liew, the new owner & Chef at Kampai Sushi has been a well-known Redding favorite for many years!  You may have enjoyed his food at Tokyo Garden restaurant, Sakura, or when the Shinoses owned Kampai Sushi!

Chef Sam had been hoping to open his own restaurant so when Kampai Sushi became available, it was a match made in heaven!

Come in & experience his unique style of ‘Edible Art’ at Kampai Sushi off Lake Blvd. in Redding.


Sam's Edible Art

Have a look at some of Sam's colorful creations and his Signature Fusion Rolls.

Kampai's Menu

With over 200 menu items, Kampai Sushi has something for everyone.

Happy Customers

Whether it be Lunch, Dinner or a Romantic Evening. You'll enjoy Kampai Sushi.